Our clients will say YES!

The popular sales, business development and marketing methodologies of the past 20 years, have not kept pace with the expanded complexities of doing business such as dealing with procurement organizations, the consolidation of decision-making power, etc. In short—many processes are broken and insufficient.

Target market focus and selection, go-to-market strategies, geographic versus industry vertical alignment, strategic account management, consistent qualification processes for prospects and current clients, value proposition creation standards that actually result in an on-point, cohesive, custom focused value proposition that causes action; the manner and flare in which your products, services, solutions, and concepts are presented to clients and new prospects, etc.

Many of these elements have been left as individual silos, becoming a hodge-podge of unused, disconnected philosophies leaving your people confused, and left to rely on their "own" processes.

ACCELERANT offers clients an end-to-end, field proven, best practices business process that can comprise the new "DNA" of their front-end business development efforts. A process that can be tailored around each business unit's individual needs and value propositions, to achieve the desired result.

Many organizations are looking for new, proven ways to re-invigorate their top-line, teach their business developers to work strategically, smarter, and to be more prudent in their qualification efforts, getting business on the books faster and more efficiently.

They are looking for a cohesive and consistent business process they can "dial and adjust" as necessary. Organizations feel they have found it with ACCELERANT.