The COL System is a proprietary, step-by-step methodology that front-ends a client's existing sales process, (or it can become the sales process) helping producers gain access to key decision makers faster, more frequently, and earlier on in their selling process.

Workshops are available in four different offerings:

The COL System Basic Workshop... A program designed for experienced/seasoned sales professionals, senior account managers, business developers and senior management, in groups of 20 - 40 participants per workshop. Large groups are also possible. The workshop is strategic, interactive and thought provoking, teaching the core methodology of The COL System — how it works, why it works, and how to apply the methodology in the field.
The COL System Advanced Workshop... After using the methodology in the field a few months, this workshop teaches advanced applications of The COL like Blitzing — strategically targeting several companies simultaneously.
The COL System Masters Program... A workshop expanding on the advanced applications, teaching additional strategic variations of how to use The COL most aggressively in securing substantial opportunities in the client's pipeline. Both advanced programs are designed for aggressive growth and revenue acceleration.
The COL Licensing Certification and Train-The-Trainer Program... A process for training an organization's in-house trainers and sales managers on how to teach, coach, support and embed The COL Methodology into their own field sales organization.