ACCELERANT tools provide higher levels of access for our clients, faster, more frequently, and earlier on in their selling process, so they have a better chance of closing business faster.

Some clients have a sales process, which our proprietary methodologies front-end in a seamless, "bolt-on" fashion, further enhancing the value of their existing process. For clients who don't have an existing process, the ACCELERANT principles, once customized, can become their process.

ACCELERANT can work with the senior leadership of business units, and their respective sales, marketing and business development organizations, helping further crystallize, condense, and calibrate their existing value propositions around the business unit's product/service/solution offerings, so they have more TEETH — providing more traction at the "CXO" level.

We then train and help implement repeatable methodologies that assist in gaining access to the desired senior executive decision makers, faster, more frequently, and earlier in the sales process.

These methodologies help clients assess and pre-qualify the likelihood and scope of an opportunity, earlier in the cycle. They also help clients present their value propositions to an audience with more authority to make decisions faster — helping grow the size and scope of opportunities, closing them more rapidly, because they are able to drive opportunities from the top-down.