The ACCELERANT Process for Business is a Managed Services approach, customized and calibrated to address each client's specific business objectives.

Designed to create measurable impact, this approach maximizes The Accelerant Tools in a targeted, strategic business process to accelerate the revenue base from:

Targeted Key Existing Customer Accounts
Targeted Prospect Opportunities and/or Vertical Sectors
Accounts already in the pipeline/sales funnel that are "in-process," have fallen out of the funnel, stalled, or gone silent.
Significant large scale RFP submissions that are in progress, but subject to a consultant, and/or procurement/purchasing department's procedures, "games," rules of contact, and general lack of regard for vendor organizations, making it difficult to sell "value," when procurement/purchasing is focused on best price solutions.

As an alternative to a training program—think of it as an internally embedded MANAGED SERVICES TEAM directed on opportunities of significance to your business, multiplying the cycles of learning in the field with your teams.

As clients see results, they have the option to involve/train the remainder of the sales organization on these strategic business processes, to be implemented on real opportunities.

This approach has been successfully implemented for a Fortune 100 company and several others, that identified specific opportunities to target, based on desired top-line growth, delivering enhanced ROI under a reduced time horizon.

The process is easy to pilot. Clients can begin with a group of 10 - 30 professionals to experience the power and near-term impact, before making the program available to other parts of the business development organization.